10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Men don't spend nearly as much time shopping for themselves as women do so Vegas Royalty has created a list of 10 fall essentials every man's wardrobe should contain to get through the season in style and comfort!  Let's begin...

1.  Lace Up Boots

2.  Relaxed Fit Jeans

3.  V-Neck Sweater

4.  Oxford Shirt

5.  French Terry Sweatpants

6.  Solid Color Blazer

7.  Shawl Collar Sweater/Cardigan

8.  Solid Scarf

9.  Wool Beanie

10.  Leather Motorcycle Jacket


These 10 essentials in a man's wardrobe will make sure you're ready for any occasion during the fall/winter!  Check back for our next article on 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials for Women...