Summer Essentials for Men and Women

Summer is upon us with longer days and rising temperatures so make sure to have these essentials whether you're heading to the pool parties or megaclubs in the city that never sleeps...Las Vegas!



Rule number one in Vegas...never go out without your sunglasses!  Chances are you're going to be under the blazing sun at a pool party or end up dancing the night away until sunrise so make sure you're prepared for those harmful UV rays not to mention surprising blindness from walking out of a hotel at 6 A.M.  Make sure to get a pair that complement your facial features rather than follow others' trends.  A pair of aviators is usually a great start but brands that seem to be very popular include Ray Bans, Carrera, and Gucci to name a few.



Make sure to have a comfortable pair that will withstand a lot of sightseeing and water resistant if you happen to stroll near a pool. 


Summer is the perfect time to break out the shorts. Men should chose boardshorts that are versatile and lightweight to help keep you cool. Women should coordinate vivid-colored shorts with a neutral colored top to make the perfect look of the summer.



You can't go wrong with a basic tank top and tee shirt this summer.  Each one coordinates perfectly with the above mentioned essentials.  Stick to basic light colors and stay away from all over prints.  Vegas Royalty has a great selection of lightweight summer tank tops and tees with subtle designs that will make you shine this summer.

These essentials are a great start to updating your summer wardrobe and seeing what Vegas has to offer in style!  Expect to use them over and over again and if you lose any of these items during your trip to Sin City don't say we didn't warn you...