Featured Fighter: Gabriel Checco

Featured Fighter: Gabriel Checco

Name: Gabriel Checco

Nickname: Zangief

Born: April 3, 1986

Nationality: Brazilian

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 185 lb

Division: Middleweight

Hometown: Torrinha, Brazil

Team: Chute Boxe/Syndicate MMA/Team Mica

Head Coaches: John Wood & Mica Cipili

Twitter: www.twitter.com/gabrielchecco

Vegas Royalty recently caught up with Las Vegas based MMA fighter Gabriel Checco for an interview prior to his upcoming Middleweight Title Fight on October 10 which will be televised live and nationwide on AXS TV:

What is your training background?

I started training brazilian jiu jitsu at 15 years old and karate at 10 years old.  I transitioned into mixed martial arts and made my professional debut in 2012. 

Who are some of your main training partners?

Roy Nelson, a top ranked heavyweight from the UFC.  John Wood, owner of Syndicate MMA and trainer of many high level MMA fighters.  Mike Pyle, a high level MMA veteran of the UFC.  Vinny Magalhes, a veteran of the UFC and decorated jiu jitsu specialist.  Philip Sertanejo and Lucas Mineiro, professional MMA fighters from Brazil. 

What got you interested in doing MMA?

I reached a high level of jiu jitsu and realized the next step was MMA.  My MMA coach at Chute Boxe saw my potential and I eventually ran my professional record to where it stands today, 8-0.

What ranks or titles have you held?

Brown belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and 2013 Brazil All World MMA Fighter of the Year.

What do you do when you aren't training?

My hobbies include fishing, shooting, going to the lake, and playing with my three dogs.  I have two mixed breeds, Brownie and Lolita, and one bull terrier Pamtro.  My wife is a fitness competitor so I stay in shape training with her when not training for fights.

What would you be doing if you weren't a fighter?

I would probably be working in the family business of electrical parts sales.

Make sure to follow Gabriel on Twitter and check out his fight this upcoming October 10!